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Daraga Town’s Improvements

A year has passed when the municipality of Daraga received its new mayor, Hon. Victor Perete. His administration solved issues that this municipality faced for a long time. The local government unit of Daraga (LGU-Daraga) achieved clearing the scattered garbage on the streets, particularly in Daraga Commercial District; the heavy traffic;congested alleys inside the public market;and the issue of the open dumpsite at Brgy. Peñafrancia.

Daraga now have a temporary residual containment area at Brgy. San Ramon for the proper handling of the town’s trashes. Movable trash bins were also provided to collectors in order to maximize garbage collection. In ensuring the safety of Daragueños and for the organization of the town, the ambulant vendors and stalls at Corner Regidor and T. Perez Street were arranged to give space for parking and smooth traffic flow. Daraga also have a 24/7 Public Safety Officers (PSO) visibility to be of help to the citizens and to maintain the peace and order of the town. Inside the public market, the stalls were also organized and guiding lines and marks were painted as boundaries to maintain wide space for the costumers.

Mayor Perete’s vision of “VictoryDaraga” or Daraga people’s march for unity, solidarity, and progress also envisions construction and renovation of other facilities of the town for the betterment of the LGU’s service to its constituents. This includes the building of a satellite market; more beautiful central park, school, chapel;a multi-purpose building that can be an evacuation center or gymnasium; youth center; hostel; national government office; more welcoming municipal hall, and an executive house.

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